Hobby business

Since 2005 Agro-Soyuz specializes on honey-bees and leaf-cutting bees. The main objective is pollination of agricultural crops. Pollination of alfalfa by leaf-cutting bees results in 2-3 times yield increase.

A pheasant rearing farm was set into operation in 2003. Main objective: restoration of pheasants population in the area and supply of products to other entities (hunting entities, forestry, etc.). On request, we can offer pheasant carcasses (cooled or frozen) in vacuum packing or without it.

Charollais sheep breeding farm was opened in 2007. Main objective: establish a reproduction unit and supply meat on request. Charollais are high producing fine-fleece sheep with high meet quality.

There is a Zoo with eland, dama dama, moufflons, fallow deer, pony and wild boars. The idea of the zoo is to restore population of fallow deer and wild boars in the area.