«Turn-key» projects

crop growing project

«Agro-Soyuz-Projects» LLC offers its services on establishment of a turn-key business at your enterprise and in your region.

Resource-saving technologies will allow you to reduce production costs, minimize weather related risks, obtain stable yields and profit even in dry years, prevent soil erosion and restore soil fertility. Model agricultural enterprise «Agro-Soyuz» has been implementing these technologies for more than 15 years.

Agro-Soyuz’s specialists have successfully implemented more than 70 agricultural projects on 1,263 million hectares in Ukraine, Russia, Moldova, Kazakhstan and Belarus.

Stages of crop growing projects:

  • Diagnostics.
  • Modelling and business planning (preparation of personnel for transition to resource-saving technology; training of personnel).
  • Adoption of technology (quality seeding of winter and spring crops; timely spraying; harvest without losses).
  • Follow-up (increase of business efficiency).

For more information about crop growing projects, please call:

Cell phone +38(050)458-03-73