Ostrich products

PrJSC «Agro-Soyuz» offers domestically produced ostrich products, i.e. ostrich meat and eggs. Ostrich meat is cut and packaged in a modern slaughter house equipped with Finnish and German equipment. The products are certified and sold under «Zhar-ptitsa» trade mark in Ukraine.
Ostrich meat

Ostrich meat is an ideal, ecologically clean product, which has almost 0 cholesterol level and thus is suitable as a dietary and children food. Gourmands will definitely like this wonderful juicy meat.

Growth stimulators do not influence ostrich growth and antibiotics do not influence birds health. An ostrich will grow as long as nature wants it to grow, and it is not allowed to treat them with antibiotics. This means that ostrich meat offered by Agro-Soyuz does not contain harmful substances.

Ostrich meat is unique in its quality. Nutritionists recommend to refuse tasty and juicy red meat in favor of dietary white meat. White meat is healthy, but dry. And this is where ostrich meat can help. It combines juiciness of red meat and dietary aspects of white meat. It has lower fat level than rabbit or turkey meat and there is almost no cholesterol!

Wet-salted ostrich skins

Nowadays, the leather products market leans towards the ostrich leather. Ostrich skin is one of the most beautiful and expensive types of skin. Ostrich leather products are rated exclusive, they are valued as high as crocodile or snake skin products and it enjoy high demand.

Ostrich skin is soft and flexible. At the same time it is thick enough and very strong, possessing good water-repelling qualities. It contains a lot of natural oils, so it doesn't dry out, doesn't crack and doesn't get stiff. The quality of ostrich leather depends on the quality of hide removing.

The skin is good for finishing and takes the shape of the product; it is very simple to work with, easy to sew and dye (including hand dying).

Unique pattern and exotic appearance are achieved due to special dark pockets – follicles that are located at the bottom of feather shaft. The clearer and denser the follicle pattern is, the more expensive the skin will be. The number of follicles is not changing due to age: it is the same for adult bird and for young bird.

Ostrich leather products are durable and last for 25-30 years, while the cow leather products can last for 5-6 years only.

Ostrich skin is used to produce leather accessories (wallets, belts, bags, purses), extraordinary things, clothes and accessories to it (gloves, jackets), shoes and even furniture upholstery.

Unlike products from animals that are under protection, there are no restriction for ostrich skins, as ostriches are considered domesticated poultry.

Our enterprise offers high-quality wet-salted ostrich skins of own production. The size of one wet-salted skin is 1.2 - 1.5 square meters. Retail, small and large wholesale are available.

Ostrich egg
Ostrich egg is a tasty and interesting product. One egg is enough to cook an enormous omelet for 25 people! The enrgy value of egg’s content is 1,35 lower than that of chicken egg. At the same time ostrich eggs possess wonderful nutritional qualities. Ostrich eggs outperform chicken eggs in terms of amino acids content as well as lysine and threonine. Besides, ostrich eggs differ from eggs of other birds in terms of cholesterol content.

Live birds (black-neck African ostrich) of different ages are always available:

  • breeders (males and females 4-5 years);
  • replacement stock (2-3 years);
  • slaughter stock (1-2 years);
  • chicks (May through August).